Linum's Technologies only utilized LFP for safest operation and longest cycle-life. While Linum’s batteries are slightly larger per physical capacity versus other types of Li-Ion used in electronics and EVs, they are easily banked in parallel close together because they don’t suffer heat issues and thermal runaway. We have chosen LiFePO4 for their superior life, safety and environmental performance.

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In the Internet Era, the telecom operators are facing increasingly severe challenges ever day; are there any good method to reduce the operating cost and improve the customer's satisfaction in the same time?

Based on true demands from operators, we give a full play to its advantages in R&D and manufacturing and provides stable 48V energy-storage batteries for clients; it also works out portable power bank, mobile power van and other unique solutions creatively to convoy the rapid development of mobile internet.


Linum’s BMS is the brain behind battery packs. It manages the ultimate function of the battery and also provides critical safeguards to protect and prolong the batteries.


  • Real-time volt. / temp./ current monitoring on cell level

  • Multiple-level protections based on the data monitored

  • Communication to EMS (Energy management System)

  • Reliable battery cell balancing management

  • Intelligent SOC% (State of Charge) algorithm


Linum’s independently developed EMS ensures the overall reliability and efficiency use of the electricity. It provides functions such as monitoring and control, generation control, load forecasting, load balancing and the economic factors in generation and transmission of electricity.

Safe and Reliable Third level data monitoring and logical control and protection.

Functionality Integrated with functions of diesel engine start and stop, grid scheduling, UPS functional logic.

Adaptability Compatible with RS485,CAN ,Ethernet and other interfaces.

All our products are equipped with our secure and reliable real-time big data analysis capability.