Commercial Solutions

Up to 30kWh + up to 60kWh An outdoor-rated (In-door rated optional) energy storage solution for demand Charge Management, Back-up, PV Self Supply

Residential Solutions

Up to 10kWh + 20kWh inverter In door /Out door options, AGS and live monitoring

Our All-in-One energy storage and management system

that can be applied to residential and small-to-moderate commercial solutions

can be stationed indoor or outdoor

The innovative modular design, allows you to expand your solution

if you ever need more energy and capacity

Linum Technologies  is providing the energy storage solution for residential community, commercial and industrial applications. The ETL & TUV Reinland listed PCS with power range from 30kW to 500kW per unit have both grid-forming and grid-following features, and could be used for either storage-only or solar+storage hybrid application. 


The pre-engineered Battery Energy Storage System is based on the proven PCS and the up to 100Mw installation of BESS world-wide and consists of all components without battery system.


Residential Scalability

 Commercial & Industrial 


Battery Energy Storage System

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