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Perfect for emergency situations

These generators are solid and reliable to work in difficult conditions where no delays or errors are allowed.

Mounted on a road trailer, they are easily movable. Once in place, they are immediately operational to both illuminate and supply electricity.

These pictures are to show how they can also be easily positioned on the firemen’s cranes.

Silent yet powerful

All the units are soundproofed in ultra-silent galvanized steel canopies and equipped with an electric radiator with electric fans (VSi Technology).

Despite the complexity of Tier 4F and STAGE V engines linked to the ATS – aftertreatment system and its different management and funcionality, TecnoGen has carried out the manufacturing of these units with a very compact layout.

A 1900A unit, for example, is fitted in a canopy of approx. 100’’x 50’’ x 90’’ and it is characterized by a very low noise level of ~60 dB(A)@23ft.

Having these features they are ideal to be transported on trucks transversely or on trailers.

In addition to compactness TecnoGen also thought about a special design for a very demanding sector imposing a lot of strict aesthetic requirements such as fully boltless units so they can be easily hidden among the other equipment used in this sector.


Generators use the Volvo engine coupled to an industry standard Leroy Somer alternator producing between 503kW – 560kW of prime power. Standard features include camlocks, block heater and battery charger. The DeepSea controller makes retrieving vital stats like fuel levels, run time and start logs easy and the sealed doors and 2″ thick insulation throughout gives these gens a 71 dBA rating.

The internal fuel capacity of 465 gallons allows for a run time of up to 19 hours @ 75% load. The convenient external fuel hook-up allows for quick connect to an additional fuel cell if needed. The TecnoGen Enermax series is built for reliability and is ideal for continuous heavy-duty applications. Available on a trailer or skid mounted.

We Can Customize

FTG Equipment has made it a point to listen to our Customers, identify their specific needs and exceed their expectations. When our customers ask for customization, our answer is always YES! FTG offers state-of-the-art technology with personalized solutions. From the salesperson to the mechanic, we have your back. We fully support every product we sell!

In one instance our customer purchased a TecnoGen Mega Silent KL45FQ generator and asked for a customized trailer with gen mounted to front and room to mount application specific equipment on back. We delivered! (trailer customized at factory)

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